What to do today?

OK, so I sat down today and found myself wondering what I should do next. I have a few options, so I sat with my coffee (from Noble Espresso - thanks guys!) and weighed them up. I'm almost finished a chrome extension for TestLabs, I need to get a blog up for Escape Velocity and DashDit, DashDit needs some love.

15 minutes of concentration gone. I've got to get better at this.

Google has the answers. First result, http://www.wtfshouldidotoday.com/. Another 15 minutes gone.

I remember reading something on Hacker News about planning your work the night before, so you're ready to just get going in the morning (and get all the benefits of your subconcious working overnight). A quick search (a little procrastination) finds quite a number of comments about this on Hacker News and an Ask HN post with some great info https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=191199.

Right, OK, plan the night before. Screwed for today then - better just get on with it!