First day of freedom..?

Today was my first day of freedom. Oh wait, it was the first day of me not earning any money. So yeah, freedom, right?

As much as part of me wishes I had been sitting around playing Xbox all day stress has forced me in to working. And I've decided to start this blog to keep me honest. Hopefully my writing improves as I go!

What to do

I have a few projects going from working in the evenings and weekends over the years and I'll be starting some new projects over the next couple of weeks as I figure out if this is sustainable.

Escape Velocity

One of the new projects will be a consulting firm (not the glamorous startup I'd like but one of the things I've always wanted to get going). A few friends and I will be trading under the name Escape Velocity. Today's work included the shell of a site.

What we do services page

The content is all bogus at the moment!

Get in touch contact page

The phone number is fake, we'll probably hook up twilio for that. But you can reach us on that email address and I am working in that co-working space!

This will be changing over the next couple of days, probably quite significantly, but I'd like to keep track of things I do here as they develop.


I maintain a severly neglected torrent library written in node.js called node-torrent (imaginitive I know!) Hopefully I will be able to give this some attention over the coming weeks. No, scratch that, I will give it some attention over the coming weeks - there are a number of open issues and it's in desperate need of a dependency upgrade having not been touched in years. So easy pickings..


Another project that's been going a while, TestLabs is a web automation testing platform with a vision of automating everything. There's always plenty of work to do here but the main focus over the next while will be getting users. So if you're interested, get in touch!


DashDit has been a side project of mine for almost 5 years. It's the project I've used to stay up-to-date on new technology, constantly upgrading / changing / breaking / fixing it to see how new and different things work. It's time to finish that last little bit and see if anyone actually wants it (it is the only side project to have actual users so far, so definitely deserves some love).


There's more to come! So stay tuned.