Me: 1, Door: 0

It's been about eight weeks since I decided to strike out on my own and in that time a suprising amount has happened (you may have noticed I've been quiet on this for a while!)

Today I'm launching the first product of my unemployment (self-employment?) - is quite simply a fast and secure digital agreements service. There are a few other players in this market but there are a number of things in the pipeline that set this service apart. The first, which is part of this launch, is that along with digital signing we're focusing on providing agreement templates. So rather than you having to find a potentially un-vetted template online, write your own agreement, or pay a lawyer to write one for you, you can use ours - all checked by our lawyers and ready for use by you.

We're launching with two agreements and will grow this as people show interest in the service and as requests come in for further templates. The first agreement is a mutual substitution agreement. This allows two companies to provide named substitutes to each other as equivalents (think contractors needing cover, or to help show they're outside IR35). The second agreement is a mutual non-disclosure agreement.

We're hoping to reduce the barrier to setting up formal agreements for small companies and reduce the time and hassle involved for large and small companies alike.

Take a look and let me know what you think!